Grow your sneaker collection & learn how to resell



A Sneaker bot is an automated piece of software that essentially buy’s sneakers without you having to do anything. Now I know how it sounds, it sounds like a dream… however there are a lot of moving parts and manual things that come into play, it is not as simple as it sounds.

Step 1

A Sneaker bot is a programme that is designed to automatically cart and then checkout sneakers on specific websites. Some of the most popular websites to bot are Yeezysupply, Nike, Footlocker (both US and EU) and Shopify. There are two types of bot, you have bots that support multiple websites which we call an All In One bot (AIO for short) and then we have site specific bot’s such as USNKRS which only supports Nike. There are so many on the market so make sure to do your research ¬†before purchasing. We can of course help with guidance about bot’s inside our membership.

Step 2

Inside the Paragn Network we will tell you which websites are releasing and at what times. We also provide early links and recommendations for what bot to use. You will then setup the bot of your choice using that information, and get ready for the drop.

Step 3

There are a few things to keep in mind before you are ready to bot a sneaker release.First off you will need a PC, most bot’s don’t support Mac so it is definitely better to use a PC. If you don’t have one, you can use what is called a “server” which is a PC in a datacenter, that you can access remotely from your phone or MacBook. Next you will need what we call a “Proxy”. A Proxy in simple terms is an IP address that your bot uses to mask the fact all your checkouts are coming from the same place. Once you have all these thing’s in place, you will want to change the settings of the bot to the recommended and optimised ones we provide, then press go.

Step 4

With a bit of luck and plenty of knowledge from us, ¬†you will now have some checkout’s and the shoes will be on their way to you. It’s as easy as that.